Do you know your curl type?

The natural hair movement has inspired women to embrace their natural curls, and coils, and this pride in the hair they were born with has forced the haircare industry to take note. More than ever before you’ll find hair care ranges dedicated to the unique needs of curly and textured...

  • Back to School....

    By Kerluxe October 1, 2018

    Our school days may well be far behind us, however, September always feels like the...

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    By Kerluxe September 24, 2018

    Always a little more daring, London didn’t disappoint when it came to covetable hair styles...

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  • Trend Alert: Glass Hair

    By Kerluxe September 20, 2018

    Hailing from Korea; glass skin, a term coined to describe a clear, luminous, dewy complexion...

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  • 4 Signs of Hair Ageing

    By Kerluxe September 15, 2018

    When it comes to the skin we’re well versed in the signs of ageing, from...

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  • Are you washing your hair all wrong?

    By Kerluxe September 13, 2018

    Of course you’ve noticed how much better your hair looks after a professional blow-dry, but...

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  • 6 reasons why your hair is dry…

    By Kerluxe September 6, 2018

    Is your hair dull, brittle and broken? Sounds like you’re lacking in sebum, the natural...

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  • Meet Your Mask

    By Kerluxe August 28, 2018

    Hair masks might seem like an unnecessary extra that you don’t really need, especially if...

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  • Protein in Hair Care

    By Kerluxe August 24, 2018

    Your hair needs this nutrient… In recent years we’ve not been able to get enough...

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  • 8 Hair Hacks You Need to Know

    By Kerluxe August 16, 2018

    Instate these golden haircare rules to guarantee good hair days 24/7… 1. Conditioning is key...

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    By Kerluxe August 9, 2018

    Expanding cities and increased urbanisation of the environment means ever-rising levels of air pollution; most...

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