5 Winter Hair Hacks

By Kerluxe October 12, 2018

The drop in temperature can wreak havoc with your tresses, here’s how to bypass winter hair woes…

Mane Tamer

Those floating strands of hair that create a halo above ones’ head might look angelic on a 5 year -old, but not so much on anyone post school age. Low humidity during colder months means moisture is drawn out of the hair, leading it to develop an electric charge. It’s this charge that creates static, a major winter bugbear. If you notice your mane becoming increasingly more static, it’s an indicator that it needs more hydration. Switch up your shampoo and conditioner to a more moisturising variety such as those in the Aquavol collection and you’ll be sure to see the difference.

Skin Deep

Colder climes have a noticeable affect on not only your hair but your scalp. Wrapping up warm is imperative, but wearing hats is culprit number one when it comes to an itchy scalp. As things heat up inside your hat it becomes the perfect place for microbes to thrive. If this becomes a concern use a shampoo like the Crystalisse Hair Shampoo, as this contains soothing menthol to quell your itch. While dry air due to central heating can strip away moisture from not only your hair but your scalp too. If your scalp begins to feel dry and tight try to shampoo less often as over washing the hair can strip the scalp of all important oils.

Oils Well

The mix of cold and warm dry air isn’t beneficial for any hair type, but even more so for black hair. Relaxed, coiled, natural, wavy or curly, all black hair types are sensitive to the cold weather - as they have a propensity to be on the dry side already. Switch your leave in conditioning cream to a nourishing oil like the Resplendisse Hair Supreme Oil, during the winter, to avoid brittle texture, breakage and split ends.

Air Dry

If you like to let your hair dry naturally sans heated tools, be sure to avoid going out with wet or even damp hair during the winter. Anything cold expands, meaning that when your hair is wet and hits cold air the hair shaft will enlarge, leaving you at risk for breakage and even colour fade.

Shine On

Moisture loss is inevitable during the colder months of the year, and the by-product of drier, dehydrated hair is major dullness. Boost shine with a weekly treatment such as the vitamin and mineral packed Caviar4 Hair Mask. This injects hydration and moisture back into the hair, smooths the cuticle so that light can better reflect off your mane, and strengthens your tresses to avoid breakage and split ends.