Back to School....

By Kerluxe October 1, 2018

Our school days may well be far behind us, however, September always feels like the start of a new year. Not only do we revamp our wardrobes, many of us make hair style changes too. This season, nostalgic school girl inspired hair will be huge, from reimagined braids, and 60’s flicks to the resurgence of the perm. These are the looks you'll want to rock come October…

Bend & Flick

At Versace models descended onto the runway with smooth sleek locks that had a distinct ‘school girl’ vibe. Rather than straightening hair into submission, that natural outwards flick that can often occur was accentuated using a curling iron to bend the hair further. At J.W. Anderson hair gave a nod to the 60’s flicked bob but with minimal volume for a modern edge, while at Moschino flicks were teamed with the kind of volume you’d be hard pressed to see the blackboard over.

TIP heated tools are required to achieve the ultimate flick making hair strengthening treatments a must. Use the Caviar4 Hair Mask once a week, for an intense injection of moisture, smoother hair cuticles and increased collagen synthesis to strengthen the hair root structure.

Curly Gang

Look back at your old school pics and you’ll most likely notice that natural hair textures are in abundance. Hair this season is no different, as stylists at Fendi, Marc Jacobs and Dior respected the natural texture of each models manes. This resulted in a mixture of curls that ranged from loose and relaxed to tight coiled varieties. For those of you who want to join the curly gang you can fake your curls with a modern perm, or a heated tool.

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Pony Power

School days and pony tails go hand in hand but this season they were sleek and considered adding a modern adult element to this adolescent classic. At House of Holland hair was smooth and straight with a little playful wispiness around the hairline. While at Mark Fast the mid-set pony had a strong deep parting and a glamourous high shine.

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Pleasing Plaits

The epitome of school girl hair, braids will be big this season. Forget pig tails, the A/W braids are far more sophisticated. Choose from romantic knotted plaits tied together in a silk bow as seen at Simone Rocha or strong tribal varieties seen at Saint Laurent and Balmain.

TIP Some plaits have a tendency to make the scalp more visible, so it’s important that your scalp is in tip top condition. The Crystalisse Shampoo effortlessly removes build up on the scalp while being both refreshing a soothing – win win!