Product Information


Q: Where are Kerluxe products made?

A: All Kerluxe products are extensively researched and developed at our state-of-art laboratory in Switzerland and then produced in Italy, the home of all that’s Luxury.  Our beautiful packaging is also sourced in Italy.


Q: Are Kerluxe products paraben free?

A: Yes, all Kerluxe products are paraben free.  Our products are designed to be give you the highest level of performance and luxury.


Q: Are Kerluxe products sulphate free?

A: Yes, the majority of Kerluxe products are sulphate free.  The products that contain sulphates are the shampoos and we do this to achieve high levels of performance and efficacy.  The surfactants we use are ultra-mild.


Q: Do Kerluxe products contain silicone?

A: We have specifically developed our products to use the most technologically advanced and high-performance silicones to provide the right amount of silkiness, protection and hydration to your hair. 


Q: Tell me more about your fragrances?

A: Our signature fragrances are seductive, sophisticated and exclusive to Kerluxe.  They have been specifically designed by a French perfumer to enhance and complement each collection and include exotic extracts of vanilla, jasmine, sandalwood and amber.


Q: Why Anti-Ageing for the hair when hair is actually dead?

A: Yes, the hair shaft is dead and is made up of a tough protein called Keratin.  However, the hair bulb and hair follicle are very much alive and concentrated in the dermal layer of the scalp.  This is where we focus to deliver our unique complexes of high quality ingredients to create an optimal environment for hair growth and provide intense hydration and protection to hair.

Our anti-ageing formulations are there to help to rejuvenate and reserves the tell-tell signs of ageing such as thinning, delicate and drying hair. As we age, hair loses its elasticity, moisture and essential proteins and nutrients.  Natural oils become depleted and the process of ageing is almost identical to what happens to our skin as we age.

Our unique complexes help to combat the ageing process by fortifying the scalp with premium skincare ingredients that balance the scalp condition, leading to strong healthy hair growth.


Ordering Online


Q: Payment Options

A: We accept debt and credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.  All online payment processing is dome through our third-party payment provider Six Payment Services.  All online transactions are highly secure and encrypted.  Kerluxe do not keep or have access to customer payment information. 


Q: Order Confirmation

A: After an order is placed, an order confirmation email is sent to the email address provided during order placement. The order confirmation email includes the order number and all of the order details. Once an order confirmation is received it means your order is being processed and cannot be cancelled.