Hyaluronic acid - the skincare ingredient that will transform your tresses

By Kerluxe November 9, 2018

Hyaluronic acid has been a hot commodity in the skincare world for years. With the ability to hold 1000x its weight in water, this is the ultimate skin plumping ingredient. When skin is well moisturised from within its function is improved and complexions glow. These benefits don’t stop at the hair line. Hyaluronic acid also works wonders on the hair and scalp too, as the same theory applies, improving hair density, lustre and texture.

Wondering what hyaluronic acid actually is?

Well it’s not as ‘scary’ as it sounds, unlike other buzzword cosmetic acids that vary in potency and work to increase cell turnover, this ingredient is super gentle and occurs naturally in the body. A natural carbohydrate and humectant, it cushions and lubricates skin and can be found around our joints and in our eyes. We’re born with an abundant amount of this moisturising agent but as we age it decreases, hence the need to top up reserves topically. When it comes to hair, hyaluronic acid improves scalp health which in turn leads to healthier hair from the inside out.

How does it work exactly?

The natural humectant draws in moisture and creates a film on the scalp to prevent trans epidermal water loss, allowing keratin – a building block for hair – to proliferate. By boosting moisture levels, eliminating dry scalp conditions and increasing the elasticity of your skin, your scalp is able to function as nature intended and healthy hair follows. Working as a ‘fertiliser for the hair’, hyaluronic acid is able to boost hair growth, strengthen and increase the diameter of individual hairs for denser, thicker, longer tresses.

You can find this hero ingredient in the Kerluxe Luminage Collection, but to achieve the desired affect be sure to cleanse, condition, treat and style with these hyaluronic acid packed products. By layering ingredients, you increase the potency of the actives and give them more time to penetrate the hair and scalp to work their magic.