Do you know your curl type?

The natural hair movement has inspired women to embrace their natural curls, and coils, and this pride in the hair they were born with has forced the haircare industry to take note. More than ever before you’ll find hair care ranges dedicated to the unique needs of curly and textured...

  • Build a Shampoo Wardrobe

    By Kerluxe August 2, 2018

    You may wonder why you would need more than one shampoo in your arsenal. Perhaps...

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  • 3 Hot Summer Looks You Should Try Now…

    By Kerluxe July 27, 2018

    As temperatures soar and heat and humidity ruin our best hair styling efforts, it’s all...

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  • Colour Chameleon

    By Kerluxe July 1, 2018

    64 per cent of British women, 61 per cent of US women, and 55 per...

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  • Fringe benefits

    By Kerluxe May 31, 2018

    Hair trends are ever changing but one style that never goes out of fashion is...

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  • 5 Surprising Haircare No No’s.

    By Kerluxe May 23, 2018

    There are many things we do to our hair that can damage it – tight...

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  • 5 Scalp Rules for Healthy Hair

    By Kerluxe May 2, 2018

    Home to hundreds of hair follicles, treating your scalp to a regular dose of TLC...

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  • Embrace Your Natural Texture

    By Kerluxe May 2, 2018

    Au Naturel All you need is the right haircare prescription to go natural this season...

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