The surprising ways poor sleep affects your tresses…

By Kerluxe November 15, 2018

Almost three quarters of Brits sleep less than seven hours per night and it’s not only affecting your energy levels, risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and obesity, but the health of your hair too.

‘Quality sleep is needed for adequate protein synthesis of the hair as well as the release of growth hormone, hormones and enzymes needed for healthy hair,’ explains Kerluxe hair restoration consultant, Dr. Sajjad Khan.

When you sleep less than required this puts the body under stress, that promotes the up-regulating of enzymes. This results in over production of oil that leaves hair, greasy, flat and lank. While, in regards to your hormones, you’ll find that when you don’t get enough zzz’s melatonin (used by the body to regulate sleep and wake cycles) production wanes and studies have shown that this can decrease hair growth. Lack of sleep also affects the immune system, and this disturbance can lead to Telogen Effluvium – a type of hair loss caused by stress. Hair stops growing and enters he resting phase prematurely. Luckily this condition is usually only temporary and resolves itself once sleep patterns normalise. However, since we as a nation are getting less and less sleep here are a few ways to come to your mane’s rescue…

Use supplements:

Take good quality multi-vitamin supplements to optimise the hair growth cycle and to ensure the right nutrients are absorbed in the scalp. Make sure they include Vitamin A for cell growth, B for growth stimulating biotin, C to fortify the hair structure, E for its antioxidants and iron for it’s ability to help red blood cells carry oxygen around the body.

Reduce stress:

Stress can lead to an inability to sleep, and sleep stresses the body, resulting in an unhealthy scalp and hair loss. Try minimising stress levels by meditating, practicing yoga, taking up a hobby, and getting to bed on time – less Netflix and more chill.

Buy smart:

If you notice a slowing in hair growth or you’re simply not getting enough sleep, invest in products like the Kerluxe Re-Activisse line. The formula contains the Acti-Cell Complex designed to promote hair regeneration by providing a powerful combination of nutrients to the scalp and hair.