5 Doctor approved hair hacks

By Kerluxe November 1, 2018

With a prestigious 25-year career in hair restoration surgery and extensive research into the importance of scalp health - what the Kerluxe hair restoration consultant, Dr. Sajjad Khan, doesn’t know about hair isn’t worth knowing. Read on to discover his ultimate haircare rules for happy hair days…

If you live in an urban environment you should wash your hair more often

Environmental pollution such as dust, smoke and other particle pollutants, especially in urban city environments, will affect the frequency of washing. These pollutants settle on the scalp and hair shaft, stripping away the hair’s natural protective coating to reduce moisture retention - causing scalp irritation, inflammation, dullness, and even hair loss.

It’s essential to wash the scalp and hair regularly to protect the hair from environmental damage. In-fact it can be damaging to the hair to wait as long as possible till your next wash. Studies have shown that the frequency of applying shampoo does not affect the production of sebum in the scalp. Plus, regular washing also ensures that active ingredients have a chance to penetrate the scalp structure. Urbanites with normal to dry hair should cleanse at least twice a week and curly or greasy hair three times.

Rinse with cold water

Shampooing cleanses the hair and scalp, but it also strips moisture from within the hair shaft. A cold-water rinse post conditioner will further seal the hair cuticle so moisture is retained. When tresses are adequately moisturised, they suffer less damage and breakage and shine is restored.

Masks are worth the hype

Add a mask to your haircare arsenal and use it at least twice a month. With a higher concentration of actives, and with more penetration time – masks provide superior nourishment to the hair, reducing breakage and hair loss.

Invest in a micro fibre towel

Vigorously drying hair with a towel leads to hair breakage and frizz and undoes all your good work. Gently use a micro-fibre towel as these absorb water far more quickly without the need to rub the hair, plus it reduces tangling and helps avoid frizz.

Make a head massage a weekly necessity

It’s very rare that anyone would turn down a massage but performing one on yourself can sound difficult. When it comes to the scalp it’s not, although it’s always nice to have someone else do it for you. Either way you should perform a lymphatic drainage massage for 2-3 minutes, at least once a week, to increase blood and nutrient flow to the hair follicle. This will improve hair growth and overall health. Start by kneading the scalp with your finger tips to warm up the skin and boost blood flow. Then kick start lymphatic drainage by using a circular movement working your way from the edge of the hairline towards the crown – just be careful not to scratch the scalp as this can damage the skin and hair shaft.