The Ultimate Party Styles

By Kerluxe November 21, 2018

Want to showcase a new look this party season? Kerluxe Ambassador Earl Simms, who has worked with everyone from Beyoncé to Victoria Beckham, reveals his three go-to party do’s…

The Disheveled Bun

Updos hold better when created with hair a day or so after it’s been washed, making this the perfect last minute desk to dance floor style.

  • Part your hair where it naturally separates, then smooth a drop of Resplendisse Hair Supreme Oil, from mid lengths to ends.
  • Add body at the crown by lightly backcombing the roots, leaving the top layer of your hair untouched so you can smooth it over your backcombed sections.
  • Pull the hair back into a low pony and secure with a hair band. Split the pony into two and backcomb with your hands to create a fluffy texture. Twist the two sections around one another and re-fluff for more texture.
  • Wrap your twisted pony around itself to form a bun and secure with grips that match the colour of your hair.
  • Finish by zhuzhing up the front of the hairline, by pulling out some strands around the face and spraying with hairspray for texture and hold.

The Undone Wave

A nonchalant brushed out wave offers an instant air of coolness and its longevity makes it the ideal ‘dance till dawn’ do.

  • After blow-drying, part hair in the centre and separate it in to approximately eight to ten sections.
  • Create a tousled look by tonging each section an inch from the roots, stop in the middle and then curl the lower lengths to ends in the opposite direction towards the face. This gives the style a more natural, unstructured finish.
  • Once all the sections have been tonged, blitz your mane with some heat from your hairdryer and tousle with your fingers.
  • Finish by smoothing the Kerluxe Multi-Tasking 360 Hair Cream, through the mid-lengths to ends to add shine and hydration.

Hollywood Glamour

If you’re going to a black tie event, a nod to Hollywood glamour is oh so fitting, and easier to achieve than you think.

  • Create an off centre parting and then section the hair into approximately 16 sections, ready to be styled into waves.
  • Starting from around an inch away from the root, wrap hair around your tong working away from your head. Hold for 5 seconds and then remove the section.
  • Each time you curl a section, wrap it around your fingers in the same direction, and secure at the roots with a grip, gently sliding your fingers out of the curl so as not to disturb the hair while it sets.
  • Mist the whole head with hairspray and set for 10 minutes.
  • Once set remove each grip and brush through your mane. Smooth hair with Kerluxe Caviar4 Hair Serum Elixir and comb into position.