Timing is Everything

By Kerluxe February 12, 2019

When it comes to the effectiveness of your haircare, the formulations can only do so much if they don’t have adequate time to work their magic. However, in the same breath overexposure can also be harmful for your tresses, making timing a vital part of a healthy haircare routine. Read on to discover how long your haircare staples should be used for and why…


Well formulated shampoos bind with grime and oil so that they can be removed from the hair and scalp during the rinsing process. However, you need to ensure that you spend at least one minute massaging your shampoo into the scalp in order for cleansing molecules to do their job. If you’re using a quality treatment shampoo such as those made by Kerluxe, it’s imperative that to get a bang for your buck you leave the shampoo on for an additional two to three minutes post massage. This extra time will allow the actives to penetrate the hair and scalp rather than be rinsed straight down your plug hole.


The job of a conditioner is to nourish and protect your tresses, by way of coating the hair cuticle in a moisturising film that replenishes the inside of the hair and smooths the outside. To get the most out of your chosen ‘moisturiser’ it should always be applied to the mid-lengths to ends while the hair is damp. If applied on soaking wet tresses your conditioner will simply be carried away by gravity, as water particles roll down your hair and onto your body. But most importantly slapping it on and rinsing it straight off will have very little effect, while leaving it on for too long can be equally disadvantageous. Protein rich conditioners for example can in fact damage porous hair as this hair type absorbs more than the average hair strand, and can become overloaded with too much protein. When this happens damage and breakage follows. It’s paramount that you follow the instructions on each individual conditioner, and leave your conditioner on your mane for no more and no less than the recommended time – generally this is around three to five minutes.


Hair masks are concentrated versions of a conditioner, but not all masks are created equally. It’s worth knowing the key ingredients to ensure you leave it on for the correct amount of time if you want to take advantage of their hair healing benefits. Protein treatments should be left on no longer than 10 minutes as the over use of protein can make hair brittle and cause damage. While hydrating masks can be left on for as long as you like. However, this doesn’t mean the longer you wear one the more benefits you’ll receive. It simply means no damage will come to your mane if you forget to rinse it out after the general recommendation of 5-20 minutes. Rich in fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins you’ll experience the best results from a hair oil when left on overnight and washed out during your morning shower.