4 ways to navigate post partum hair loss

By Kerluxe March 13, 2019

For any new mothers out there, the stress of looking after your bundle of joy should be all you need to deal with in the first few life changing months, but alas along with sleepless nights, and emotional ups and downs, you have to contend with hair loss too – doesn’t quite seem fair right?

Post-partum hair loss affects around 50 per cent of women and this is mainly due to fluctuating hormone levels. During pregnancy raised oestrogen levels keep hairs in their growth phase for longer than usual which results in hair that looks and feels thicker throughout pregnancy. Post baby, hair swiftly shifts into the shedding phase and it can feel like you are losing a significant amount of hair. The best way to navigate this loss is to try these 4 fab tips…

Wash Carefully

Don’t avoid washing for fear you’ll disturb your hair and lose more, you won’t. However, don’t wash your hair more than needed, as using too much product on your hair can dry it out and cause it to break more easily.

Eat Clever

Your hair is last on the list when it comes to your body’s priorities, which is why supplementation is key post-partum. Be sure to include more protein rich sources as well as iron rich foods such as red meat, spinach, eggs, nuts and fish.

Va va Voom

While hair is limp and lacklustre rethink your haircare. From your shampoo, conditioner, mask and styling products, opt for ones that contain volumising ingredients. Try the Aquavol Collection for instant volume and the Reactivisse Hair Growth Activation Lotion, to stimulate hair growth and treat the scalp long-term.

Time Out

In order to achieve healthy hair, the scalp needs to be in good health too. Take a few minutes a day to perform a scalp massage using just your fingers. This will boost blood circulation stimulating healthy hair growth and will help to alleviate stress too.