Let’s get Physical – 5 Gym Bunny Hair Hacks

By Kerluxe November 29, 2018

Exercise is the perfect solution to combating the winter blues, but if the thought of venturing out into the cold doesn’t put you off, the constant hair maintenance probably will. It’s advisable to wash your hair after a workout to avoid the drying effects of sweat, caused by its salt content. As salt builds up on the scalp the drier, duller and more fragile your hair becomes. Then there’s chorine and changes in temperature to contend with too. It’s enough to make you retire to the sofa all winter, unless however, you follow these handy hair hacks…

Water Baby

Rinse your hair with water before swimming, as wet hair absorbs less, preventing chlorine from seeping into the hair shaft and dehydrating tresses.

All Tied Up

Hair needs to be secure when you’re training, but tight hairbands and alike can pull causing traction alopecia and breakage over time. Invest in silk covered hairbands and wear your hair in a low pony or a loose plait.


Into hot yoga? Take advantage of the heat by applying a deep conditioning mask such as the Kerluxe Caviar4 Hair Mask, pre class. The heat will open the cuticles of the hair allowing the mask to penetrate deeper, working its restorative magic as it goes.

Fashion Forward

Trends come and go, but the sweatband is one hair hero that needs to be reinstated stat. Wearing a sweatband around your head will absorb a lot of that damage inducing sweat.

Deep Clean

You don’t have to wash your hair after every workout since your sweat levels alter depending on the activity. What you should do however, is use a deeply clarifying shampoo such as the Kerluxe Crystalisse Shampoo, at least once a week to remove product and salt build-up on the scalp.