Detox your mane this January

By Kerluxe January 29, 2019

Your hair looked amazing in your December party pics, but now it’s anything but. Ring a bell? It’s inevitable that over styling during the festive period will leave your hair looking lacklustre, feeling dry and brittle and in need of some major TLC come January. Thankfully it won’t take too long to turn things around. All you need is to complete a January hair detox, which frankly will be much easier and enjoyable than any other detox you might attempt this month. Read on to discover how it’s done…

Chop Chop

Check your ends, have they split? We’d hazard a guess that the answer is yes. All that heat and product you used to tame your tresses in December has a knock on effect and it comes in the form of split ends. If you’re not ready for a whole new look in 2019, at least have a trim as there really is no way to magically repair split ends. If you have any remaining post cut, use the Kerluxe Resplendisse Hair Supreme Oil, as the blend of nourishing Copaiba, Abyssinian, Jojoba and Macadamia oils and silk proteins help smooth and eliminate their appearance.

Diet Overhaul

While your body recovers from the copious glasses of champagne you drank during the festive season, and all those mince pies you scoffed (no judgment here), your hair will be getting less attention. Our tresses aren’t a vital organ which means our bodies don’t prioritise its needs. To ensure your hair gets the vitamins and minerals necessary, add proteins and complex carbs like chicken, eggs, fish, oats and brown rice to your diet. Then to up the ante use the Kerluxe Aquavol Leave In Therapy, as this contains a potent vegetable protein that improves the overall health of your hair and scalp.

Dial it down

Going completely heat free might have you rethinking a hair detox, but regular heat styling breaks down your hairs hydrogen bonds leaving it susceptible to major damage. If no heat is a real no-no for you, try splitting your heat exposure in half, and don’t use the hottest setting on any of your heated tools. Alongside this, inject some well needed moisture back into your tresses with a twice weekly dose of the Kerluxe Caviar4 Hair Mask. This transforming treatment nourishes dry, damaged hair, stimulates collagen production and strengthens the hair root structure.