Shine On

By Kerluxe January 21, 2019

Our ultimate luminous locks hacks

Washing Rules

It’s not just your scalp type – dry, oily, normal – that determines how often you should wash your hair, but your hair colour too. Lighter hair shades tend to be more porous, and more susceptible to build-up that quickly makes tresses dull and lacklustre. These shades are shiniest when they are at their cleanest. While darker shades actually look glossier with ‘oilier’ second day hair. Meaning, wash more often if you fall in the light hair category and less often if your hair is darker.

Oils Well

It may sound counter intuitive to ditch shine products, but hear us out. If the ingredient list contains mica, you’ll find the shine short lived, as mica can cause roughness of the hair shaft which diminishes long-term gleam. Instead opt for nourishing shine enhancing oils like Copaiba, Abyssinian, jojoba and Macadamia found in the Kerluxe Resplendisse Hair Supreme Oil.

Water Works

When washing your hair, finish with a blast of cold water. Opposed to hot water, cold seals and smooths the hair cuticle, resulting in shinier hair ever time. How? The smoother each hair strand is the better it reflects light, and the more dazzling your locks appear.

Deep Clean

Start treating your hair and scalp as you would your skin, and invest in a shampoo wardrobe, because one just won’t do. Being able to personalise your cleansing ritual to the specific needs of your hair at the time of washing will do wonders for the health and in turn lustre of your mane. Be sure to include a clarify shampoo like the Crystalise Shampoo, into your arsenal. A weekly cleanse with a purifying cleanser will effectively breakdown product and environmental build-up that dulls and ages hair.

Basic Brushing

Nylon bristles teamed with aggressive brushing can lead to major damage, and who among us isn’t guilty of a few quick heavy handed passes through our hair when in a rush to get out of the door. One easy way to avoid shine diminishing damage is to invest n a natural bristle brush, that will gently glide through tresses while it distributes scalp oil through your mane to add a natural gloss.