Make flaky dry winter scalp a thing of the past…

By Kerluxe December 18, 2018

We may be wishing for a white Christmas, but not of the flaky scalp variety. Sadly, as temperatures drop the moisture levels in our hair and scalp decline too. More prevalent during the winter months, the tell tell signs of a dry scalp are itching, tightness and small white flakes. While hair looks lacklustre, frizzy and dull, breaks easily and sheds quicker.

The scalp is living skin that is almost identical to the skin on your face and body, the only difference being the greater concentration of large, terminal hair follicles. It is essential to treat your scalp as you would the skin on your face, and when your complexion looks dull and your skin becomes dry and flaky, exfoliation, hydration and moisture are our go-to solutions. The same should apply to your scalp.

To rid your scalp of flakes and to avoid them altogether, add a weekly scalp care ritual to your routine. Pre-cleansing, massage the scalp – you can use your fingers or a soft boar bristle brush. Massage will boost blood flow channelling more nutrients to your hair follicles and improving the overall condition of your scalp. Massage also helps dislodge dry flaky skin that if left alone will begin to clog hair follicles and impact healthy hair growth. Post massage, cleanse with a detoxifying shampoo such as the Kerluxe Crystalisse Shampoo, as this effortlessly cleanses away build up, while soothing the scalp. During the rest of the week, use the Kerluxe Luminage Shampoo, and the Kerluxe Luminage Hair Filling Treatment, formulated with a hefty dose of hydrating hyaluronic acid, which is exactly what winter skin needs.