Do you know your curl type?

By Kerluxe December 7, 2018

The natural hair movement has inspired women to embrace their natural curls, and coils, and this pride in the hair they were born with has forced the haircare industry to take note. More than ever before you’ll find hair care ranges dedicated to the unique needs of curly and textured hair, the Kerluxe Resplendisse Collection, for example, does just that.

However, curly hair comes in all shapes and sizes, and most of us don’t know our 2b’s from our 4c’s. By identifying the unique characteristics and traits of your curl and its corresponding curl type, you’ll find it will stand you in good stead when it comes to cherry picking your haircare arsenal. Read on to discover where in the spectrum your tresses fall…


Type 2a: This hair has a slight wave, tends to be fine in nature and prone to frizz

Type 2b: This hair has a more pronounced S wave, but loses definition easily. It also tends to be frizzier on the crown, but lays flatter and closer to the head than a 2a.

Type 2c: This hair type has a strong wave pattern and also a few loose curls thrown into the mix, it is also generally resistant to being styled in a straight manner.


Since wavy hair can become frizzy, static control is a must. The Caviar4 Hair Serum Elixir, uses Crystal Caviar Oil to smooth the hair cortex and ward off frizz.


Type 3a: This curl type is loose yet springy and full bodied, but can become frizzy when exposed to the elements.

Type 3b: Curls are even more voluminous and are tighter than 3a varieties, they can also lack shine.

Type 3c: These curls are corkscrew in nature, they tend to be dense, prone to breakage and coarse.


Curly hair is temperamental, and styling products that don’t weigh down the hair, but have the ability to smooth and repair are much needed - cue the Multitasking 360 Styling Hair Cream. The ceramides within the formula help smooth hair, boots elasticity and add shine.


Type 4a: This hair is tightly coiled with a visible curl pattern and holds more moisture than 4b and 4c, but does suffer from dryness.

Type 4b: Strands have a "Z" shape and the curls are less defined, and are tightly coiled.

Type 4c: This hair is dry, fine and fragile, and usually grows in a zig zag pattern.


As kinky hair is dry, breaks easily, and lacks shine, it needs major tlc. Show your hair some love by way of a hefty dose of nourishing and repairing oils. Use the rich Resplendisse Hair Supreme Oil - that combines a blend of nourishing oils and silk proteins - to restore shine, repair damage and rehydrate the hair and scalp.